Simple Changes: Faith and Food during Lent - 2015

Suggestions for Compassionate Eating 
to Help Our Planet
The problems of climate change, global hunger, and factory farms can seem overwhelming. Yet some of the most important decisions we make for our planet - our daily choices about food - are the ones within our most immediate and personal control. For  Lent, we invite individuals and congregations to participate in a Lenten discipline focused on making choices about food that reflect our faith and our concern for the planet, our health, and the animals that share our earthly home.

By choosing to make simple, sustainable changes, each of us can make a significant difference to the health of our planet. When our efforts are combined, we can accomplish great things and walk more closely in our faith. Please join us!
This Lenten discipline is provided to individuals and to congregations through this web resource for each week during Lent. Congregations may use ready-to-print Simple Changes service bulletin inserts )linked in the right side-bar) each week for the coming Sunday.  Each week in Lent features a different theme linked here below with that week's resource. Note, disregard specific dates as these work for any year and corresponding week of Lent.  

•    Ash Wednesday - Preparing for Simple Changes 

•    Week 1 - Keeping an Environmentally Kind Kitchen

•    Week 2 - Our Daily Food: Simple, Local, Organic

•    Week 3 - Showing Compassion for God's Creatures

•    Week 4 - Helping a Hungry, Thirsty Planet

•    Week 5 - Embracing Christian Hospitality

•    Holy Week - Prayer and Fasting
Each week's theme includes an invitation that challenges us to move into simple changes that can make a difference.  We are asked to take simple steps daily to accept that invitiation and to reflect on the meaning of our choices.  Each Sunday there is a way for congregations to hold more sustainable coffee hours. Videos and readings are suggested for each week that are appropriate for individual reflection or for a weekly Lenten discussion series for congregations.  The resources are all included above for those who want to order videos and other resources ahead of time.  For additional resources use this link: Simple Changes: Additional Lenten Resources

You also may go to our blog, Simple Changes, to read and comment.  
The Bishop's Committee for the Environment
The Task Force on Animals